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Onco-Ref™ FFPE Cell Block Reference Standard HCT116 WT


The Onco-Ref™ FFPE Cell Block Reference Standards provides a reliable source of clinically relevant specimens for assay development, optimization, and QC. The preparation of formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) cell blocks is a common method for biological specimen preservation. While this process allows for the long-term storage of biological samples, it may lower the yields of DNA extraction, and may cause chemical changes in nucleic acid structure, both of which can adversely affect downstream characterization. Our FFPE blocks reference standards allows you to optimize your sample processing protocols for FFPE specimens, without the need to use precious clinical specimens.

Datasheet MSDS

General Information:
Catalog ASO-4052
Size 1 block
Format FFPE
Volume/Dimension 24 mm (height) X 24 mm (length) X 4 mm (thickness); 7 mm diameter (cell core)
Quantity n/a
Concentration > 60% cell density
Cell(s) HCT116
Shelf Life 36 Months
Shipping Temperature Ambient
Fixation Process 10% buffered formalin solution (4% formaldehyde); 24 hrs; room temperature
Storage Temperature -20°C
Quality Control Genotype: Whole exon sequencing (cell line)
Quality: >60% cell density (H&E Staining of 5µm FFPE cell slide)
Manufacturing: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 Certified
Regulatory Research Use Only. Not Intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic use.
Restrictions This is a limited use product. This product, any material that contains this product in whole or in part, any progeny, modification or derivative of this product, any cell or animal made or modified by using this product, and any progeny, modification or derivative of such cell or animal may not be transferred by the purchaser to any other person, entity or any of the above to perform services for the benefit of any other person or entity or for commercial purpose of any kind. This product may only be used by the purchaser for its internal research for use as a research tool for research purposes.
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Catalog: ASO-4052
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