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FFPE-Direct DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina NGS

Catalog Size Volume Quantity Concentration Price
YST-0067-01 8 reactions n/a 1 box n/a $1,000.00
YST-0067-02 24 reactions n/a 1 box n/a $2,000.00
YST-0067-03 96 reactions n/a 1 box n/a $7,000.00

FFPE-Direct™ DNA Library Prep Kit is a complete kit that integrates formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) DNA extraction with the preparation of next-generation sequencing DNA library preparation directly from FFPE tissue slide sections in a single step. This workflow reduces the labor-intensive and time-consuming extraction/purification step and enables higher target enrichment for more sensitive detection of variants such as oncogenic mutation from FFPE specimens. Powered by a novel target enrichment technology, post-amplification primer-dimers are digested away leading to lower background sequencing noise during sequencing. Due to the high on-target efficiency, this workflow enables more sample barcoding/indexing per sequencing run on the Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing platforms (MiSeq). The workflow features a simple one-tube, addition only workflow. The targeted sequencing primers are uniquely designed for ultra-high multiplex PCR amplification and high target specificity. This kit is compatible with the OncoKey™ Targeted Panels also available exclusively through AccuRef. SAMPLE REQUIREMENTS: Only 1/8 of the FFPE tissue section, approximately (5 mm X 5 mm). Please inquire about our custom targeted DNA panels!


FFPE-Direct NGS - Save Hours - No FFPE extraction Needed - No exposure to toxic chemical - 3.5 hours from Sample-to-Sequencing ready libraries
Clean-up beads and sequencing adaptors included
Illumina Sequencing Campatible

Yst 0067
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General Information:
Catalog YST-0067
Shelf Life 1 Year
Buffer n/a
Quality Control Certificate of Analysis (CoA)
Freeze/Thaw No more than 3 freeze/thaw cycles.
Regulatory For Research Use Only. Not intended for human or animal diagnostics or therapeutics.
Restrictions This is a limited use product. This product, any material that contains this product in whole or in part, any progeny, modification or derivative of this product, any cell or animal made or modified by using this product, and any progeny, modification or derivative of such cell or animal may not be transferred by the purchaser to any other person, entity or any of the above to perform services for the benefit of any other person or entity or for commercial purpose of any kind. This product may only be used by the purchaser for its internal research for use as a research tool for research purposes.
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