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AccuRef Products

Accuref Diagnostics offers a large array of products for site specific transgenics, cell culture, and stem cell research. Our products encompass a wide spectrum, from: high quality transgenic kits for knock-in mice and knock-out mice generation, mouse embryonic fibroblast (MEF cells), feeder cells, growth factors, options for stem cell characterization and stem cell differentiation, as well an array of iPSC cells.

About AccuRef

AccuRef Diagnostics, a division of Applied StemCell Inc., is a global provider of molecular and cell-based reference standards used for assay development and quality control. With over 270 CRISPR-engineered mutation cell line variants we have created over 2,600 biologically-relevant quality control and reference standard products that spans 40+ cancer genes. Our ONCOREF™ and Quan-Plex™ product lines offer single-mutation and quantitative multiplex gene panels, in easy-to-use formats such as gDNA, cell pellets, ctDNA, FFPE and cytopath slides.


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